About Us

Purchased in 1966, the Dharma Centre is a 400 acre retreat centre located north-east of Toronto.  The centre's members constructed the Temple building, where most of the activities take place. Numerous single dwelling cabins were built in the meadows and forests for individual retreat work. Two larger dwellings were then built in a compound area to house 12 people in individual rooms, dubbed the "Hermitage". There is a main administration building which contains the kitchen and dining room that seats 28.


Founded by the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche in 1966, the Dharma Centre of Canada is an extended community that maintains a study and meditation facility north of Toronto.

By deeply engaging diverse spiritual traditions, we offer teachings and experiences pointing towards transcendence. With contemplation as our ground, we explore the arts, sciences and everyday life as integral to unfoldment. In the spirit of generosity, our members share their unique gifts and the fruits of meditation in service to others. We endeavour to create opportunities to express the clarity, humour, and dignity which arise from a calm and alert state of mind.

From renowned spiritual leaders to eminent scientists, the Dharma Centre hosts inspiring teachers from a broad spectrum of religious and secular paths. In this wholesome environment, one can receive meditation instruction, participate in programs, or craft one’s own journey.

Our forested property invites the visitor to appreciate the uplifting beauty and wildness of the natural world.  There are manifold opportunities for persons who wish to contribute their talents and skills towards creating a future of sustainable interdependence. The Dharma Centre is a welcoming setting for refuge and realization.

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